Ken Arutyunyan
President of ISU, Sifu, Coach

Ken Arutyunyan

President of ISU, Sifu, Coach

Ken Arutyunyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. During his adolescent and teenage years, Ken studied wrestling, boxing, judo, and sambo. He became Armenian National Boxing Champion. Ken became a San Shou fighter, known as MMA today, and a champion. After San Shou, Ken began to study at the Wushu Academy in Moscow, Soviet Union while serving in the army. He then returned to Yerevan to become one of Armenia’s first prestigious Wushu trainers. Ken opened a wushu sports schools in Armenia.

In 1990 Ken migrated to the United States, and opened his first martial arts schools in Burbank and Glendale, California. In 1993 Ken became the President of Amateur Draka in the United States and was promoter of the huge professional Draka tournaments at the Great Western Forum where his students were competing and became champions televised on Pay PerView, and around the world. The tournaments continued to the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California and Orleans Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 1995 Ken opened another sports facility in North Hollywood, California, currently known as International Sports Union. At International Sport Union the following sports are offered: boxing, muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, wushu, wrestling, judo, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. International Sport Union is the biggest sports facility with the widest variety of top notch sports and fitness services. At ISU there are Olympians– world and European champion coaches offering their expertise and coaching to our future generation.

Throughout the years, Ken’s students have competed in kickboxing and Muay Thai and became local, state, and world champions in places such as Japan, Holland, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Germany. Meanwhile, his wushu students were part of the U.S National Wushu and Kung Fu team, which participated in the Wushu World Cup tournaments in Cordova, Spain. Ken was one of the head coaches in the Wushu National World Team. This is where a few of Ken’s students became World Cup champions. Ken’s wushu team participated in many tournaments at the University of San Francisco and at the University of California, Berkley.

Ken also produced powerful amateur boxers, state and regional boxing champions, Junior Olympic Champions, World Finalists, and 2013 USA National Boxing Champion. He has also contributed California rhythmic gymnastics Junior Olympic champions, and solid mixed martial artists. Ken’s karate students’ accomplishments are so enormous that it is unstatable.

Ken was an integral part of establishing the International Full Contact Karate Federation, with Gor Vardanyan, and organized tournaments at the Karen Demirchyan Sports Complex in Yerevan, Armenia until today. IFCKF became popular all around the world and has locations in more than 20 countries. Ken Arutyunyan is the Vice President of IFCKF.

International Sport Union is recognized by the California Athletic Commission, USA Boxing Federation, USA Gymnastics Federation, USA Wrestling Organization, and the California District Officials as a respected member.

Till this day Ken’s students are very well known because of their dedication, perseverance, and proven results. The International Sport Union family, led by Ken Arutyunyan, prides itself with continuing to serve our country, our community, and its members.

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