ISU's boxing coach Nshan Munchyan is a World Champion, European Champion and Olympian.


ISU’s Boxing classes teach amateur USA Boxing and Professional boxing. Boxing is one of the most popular sports of the Olympic Summer Games. Team ISU participates in boxing tournaments, amateur and professional. We have had winners in the Junior Olympics, and fighters who made the USA National Team.

When your child practices amateur boxing, he has a higher chance of becoming a state, regional, national, world, and Olympic champion. Boxing is also a form of self-defense. Our head coach says boxing is like a chess game, except you don‘t have much time to think about your next move.

Professional boxers practice 2-3 times per day. ISU dedicates additional hours for private training. ISU’s boxing coach, Nshan Munchyan, is a World Champion, European Champion, and Olympian. He trains with the passion of instilling his attributes into the future fighters of Team ISU.

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